A Membership to Benefit From
The Football Players Association was started in 2006 by then football captain of the national team Bhaichung Bhutia. It started with the national football team forming together to form an association to represent the interests of footballers in India. In 2008 we became members of FIFPro the World Body For Professional Footballers and in 2009 were appointed as permanent members at the FIFPro Congress in 2009 in Budapest. Today the association engages professional players from the I-League of India but is expanding to the I-League 2nd Division and State Leagues
Our Motto
FPAI believes in FIFPro's motto of supporting players. FPAI is here to create awareness amongst professional footballers about their rights and make them grow as an individual and professional.
A Strong Unity
FIFPro the International sole representative for Professional Football Players around the world has pledged to support the Football Players Association to develop and improve the development and treatment for footballers in India. The Football Players Association of India also has one seat in the Board of FIFPro Division Asia. Through International conferences, workshops and exchange of information with various player associations around the world the Football Players Association of India is up to date with the latest rules, regulations and laws of the game and the world of football
FIFPro's International Backing and Support
Through the network of FIFPro the FPAI has the best network of up to date information and some of the best known advisors from the world of football. The network of lawyers includes members of FIFAs Dispute Resolution Committee. The player's that are part of FIFPro include the best players in the world who stand up for other players in their countries, leagues and around the world. The advice and support given by the players, lawyers and FIFPro are unparalleled in the world of football.
Solid Base of Support and Advice
At the FPAI we are committed to ensure that each and every professional player in India is treated equally no matter which club, state, or team he is playing in. Insurance is a vital part of every player's contract and career and we will provide the best assistance to make sure every player while negotiating a contract for a club or association team is covered for medical insurance. Injury is part and parcel of every sport. Football being a contact sport played at high intensity means that injuries are very common. It is the right of every player to earn the full contract amount from his club/association team if he is injured during the course of the contract. The FPAI ensures that every player that comes for advice is well covered legally to not be mistreated because of an injury.
Insurance and Work Related Injuries
The FPAI assists players in contract negotiations with both clubs and association/federation teams. The essence of negotiation is not financial rewards but other terms and conditions in contracts such as length of contract, clauses covering insurance, work related injuries, accommodation and other incentives. Any player can come for free advice on contracts signed with clubs or have the option of personal representation as well. Each and every contract looked it is compared and brought up to standard with Standard Contracts in leagues such as England, Japan, Australia and follows the FIFA Minimum Contract Requirements for Professional Footballers.
Contract Negotiation
Newsletters with all current in happenings in football delivered to you. Email updates with latest laws, rules and regulations sent from time to time. Members are also free to discuss not only their football careers but also their after footballing career options such as educational courses, coaching licenses and other forms of building their careers.
Other Benefits
The FPAI organizes once per year the Indian Football Awards to honor the best players in the country in each category such as Best Young Player, Best Foreigner, Best Indian Player. Every year this high profile event is open to all professional players and members to attend. The players themselves vote for who they think is the best in each category of the awards. This event is also a once in a year opportunity to honor players who have played outstandingly in the season as well as have a gala event with celebrities, players, their families and all stakeholders of football.
Annual Indian Football Awards and Gala