Urgent resolutions of Indian players in regards to the next football season 2017-18

After a series of meetings and a survey conducted with most of the Indian players playing in I-League Clubs , we express their concerns on the following points in relation to the next football season.

1. The Draft System if proposed in the Indian Super League :

Most of the players are against the draft system since they do not get an option to choose where they want to play. Most players want an option of signing directly for the club of their choice. Players may be comfortable in their choice of clubs.They consider the city, fans, coach and management before choosing a club.

2. Salary Cap if proposed in the Indian Super League :

Since its inception the players have asked for a minimum salary cap for the team as well as a minimum salary for an individual player. This should be enough to sustain a payer for the entire year if he does need to be called a fully professional player. If we go by examples in the MLS (USA) and A-League (Australia) where there are salary caps there are minimum salaries guaranteed to players too.

3. Squad limit in the Indian Super League :

Since season 1 of the league the organizers have set a limit to the maximum number of Indians which a franchise can sign for a single ISL thus restricting employment of Indian footballers. We suggest no squad limit or a much higher squad limit. If there is a maximum salary cap per team and the team management can fit in more players in that budget we do not see any point in restricting employment.

4. Length of Contract :

Players are unsure what are the rules for the following season in terms of a maximum length of contract. As we approach the end of this season players would prefer to sign longer contracts in clubs they are comfortable in whether it is in the I-League or in the Indian Super League.

These concerns are vital in the financial stability and security of players as well as employment for footballers in India. A better eco system for players will only attract more interest in football as a professional in our country and will contribute overall development of our football. For more information do write in to us at siddharth@thefpai.net / cyrus@thefpai.net. Contact Cyrus: +91-98309-99436 or Siddhartha : +91-9830379888