Supporting Football Clinic

In an attempt to promote grass root talent the FPAI has been distributing footballs , kits and even conducting football clinics for children staying in areas and regions deprived of football infrastructure.

While we have been supplying balls and jerseys to the football camps run by our members our President along with a few of our retired members have been kind enough to take time out to visit football clinics and camps being run in remote parts of the country where infrastructure is lacking.

In one of the recent concluded winter camp in Darjeeling our President Renedy Singh trained the boys and shared his experience with them.

“Although infrastructure is lacking the boys here are talented and passionate about football. To play football you just need a ground, goal posts and football. That is there in Darjeeling. Let us make most of what we have instead of complaining about what we donít have” . These were our Presidents words to the boys who came to the winter clinic conducted in North Point School.

He signed off saying that he will be handpicking the best talents from the region and sending them to the best academies in India.

Thank you President for your noble gesture and in the coming months we will be helping out more of such camps.

For requests regarding football ,jerseys and other necessities ,members please contact Cyrus - +91-98309-99436 and Siddhartha - +91-98303-79888